Imagine this: You’re driving on the highway on a downhill and approach a situation where there is significant traffic. You slow down and come to a stop. Suddenly, you look into your rear-view mirror and see a large commercial truck approaching at a high rate of speed.Man with Large Truck

They don’t stop when they’re supposed to and they collide into you full force.

It’s quick to look at the truck driver as the negligent individual. However, did you know that there may be other situations involved where a third party may be liable for the injuries sustained? Here are some individuals aside from the truck driver or company who may be accountable.

Drivers are responsible for getting the items from one location to another, but they don’t typically load the truck themselves. The person responsible for loading the trailer must ensure they’re following proper regulations regarding weight and even weight distribution.

When it’s not loaded correctly, the driver may lose control, be unable to stop, or flip the trailer onto its side, causing serious injuries.

The parts on a truck are expected to hold up to significant strain. This means they must be properly designed and manufactured, as well as inspected before they are put on a truck. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always help and issues may arise.

Defective parts can make it difficult for drivers to stop their truck, such as brake failure or if the trailer becomes loose from the truck.