If you’ve been injured on broken stairs in a common area at your apartment complex, you might wonder how to win your case against the property owner. Winning a lawsuit for your injuries requires more than simply filing a claim; it involves taking specific, strategic steps to gather evidence and prove negligence.

From taking photos of the hazard that caused your fall and collecting witness statements, to accurately evaluating your damages with the help of a skilled Michigan slip and fall lawyer, every action counts. Read on to learn what you can do to build a strong case and win the compensation you deserve.

Gather Detailed Evidence

After tripping on the stairs of your apartment building, the most important action you can take is gathering evidence of the hazard and your injuries. This proof helps establish your landlord’s negligence.

Gather the following pieces of evidence for a well-supported claim:

  • Photos of the hazard: Take clear images of the broken stairs where the incident occurred, such as obvious cracks in the concrete or wood, missing steps, or loose railings. These act as visual proof of unsafe conditions and can be powerful evidence in court.
  • Witness statements: Gather accounts from people who saw the accident or the hazardous condition of the stairs. For example, if a neighbor witnessed the moment you fell or has previously complained about the stairs’ condition, their testimony can corroborate your version of events and strengthen your claims.
  • Maintenance records: Request records showing the lack of repairs or inspections. Maintenance records can help establish the landlord’s knowledge of the hazard, demonstrating a pattern of neglect.
  • Medical reports: Secure copies of all medical records related to your fall, including emergency room visits, doctor’s consultations, physical therapy sessions, and any other treatments. Detailed medical records can prove the extent and severity of your injuries, directly linking them to the accident.
  • Incident report: Obtain a copy of the accident report you filed from the police or your apartment manager. This document provides a timeline and details supporting your claim.
  • Communication records: Collect any communication records about the condition of the stairwell between the landlord and you or any other tenants in the building. This can include emails, text messages, or written correspondence. This shows that the landlord knew about the issue and failed to take appropriate action.

Speak to Fieger Law about your trip and fall case. Our attorneys can help you collect all relevant evidence to win your lawsuit against the apartment manager.

Accurately Assess Your Damages

You must accurately assess your damages to win a trip and fall lawsuit. Exaggerating your losses can lead to claim denial, and asking for too little can leave you without enough to cover medical bills, lost income, and other expenses.

Our attorneys at Fieger Law can help you accurately assess all damages from your trip and fall accident. We can reference medical records, employment documentation, and quality-of-life assessments. We may also consult with experts like medical professionals or financial analysts to determine the amount you’re owed and support your claim with documented evidence.

Prepare Your Defense

Winning a trip and fall lawsuit means successfully navigating defenses by the liable party and their legal team.

Our attorneys at Fieger Law can use expert testimony and concrete evidence to show that you did not cause your trip and fall. This can include photographs highlighting a lack of signage or improperly sized stairs that led to your accident, showing the landlord is at fault and owes you compensation.

Win Your Trip and Fall Case with Fieger Law

Speak with a skilled attorney for the best chance of winning your personal injury lawsuit. Our attorneys at Fieger Law can handle complex legal tasks, from collecting evidence to challenging defense tactics.

With more than seven decades of experience representing clients across the U.S., our legal team can protect your rights throughout the legal process. Contact Fieger Law today for a free consultation, and let us lead you to victory in your trip and fall case.