Nurse with newborn - Suing for Birth InjuryBirth injuries can range from mild to severe, but no matter how minor they may be, they can result in expenses you did not plan for and might not be able to afford. For more serious injuries, you and your child may face a lifetime of costs and suffering associated with their permanent effects. Often, these injuries are a result of negligence, whether by someone on hospital staff or an overseeing physician, which means you can hold them accountable for any injuries they are responsible for.

There is a difference between a birth injury and a birth defect. The challenge you may face as a plaintiff is that a defense attorney may try to argue that your child suffers from a defect, something he or she was born with or predisposed to, rather than an injury inflicted by negligent healthcare professionals. Obtaining skilled representation will help deflate these tactics.

Although the idea of a lawsuit may appear quite daunting, especially if your time or attention is already stretched thin in trying to care for your child, a successful birth injury lawsuit can be of great help to your child’s future, helping to cover costly lifelong treatment, doctor visits, or physical therapy. In fact, a birth injury lawsuit can help you recover damages for:

• Medical expenses and healthcare costs.

• Pain and suffering.

• Lost wages as a result of having to care for your disabled child.

• Loss of enjoyment and companionship.