Home explosions, while uncommon, are a serious concern for homeowners, especially those who live in Michigan. Natural gas generated more electricity in Michigan than any other fuel source in 2020. Additionally, the state had the largest amount of residential use of gas in the entire country in 2019. High gas usage in Michigan increases the risk of natural gas explosions, which are capable of causing serious harm to your family and property.

If you or a family member sustained injuries from a home explosion, Fieger Law can help. We can guide you through filing a personal injury claim against the responsible parties to get compensation for all the damages and harm you have suffered.

Common Causes of Home Explosions

A home explosion can happen at any time and for various reasons. The most common causes of home explosions include:

  • Gas leaks

Natural gas is a colorless and odorless gas used in many homes for cooking, central heating, and heating hot water. It is a highly combustible substance and has the potential to explode.

Over time, continuous exposure to natural gas can bend, warp, or even break gas pipes in residences and commercial buildings, causing the gas to leak and dramatically increasing the risk of an explosion.

Between 2006-2017, Michigan energy company Consumer Energy reported nearly 200,000 gas leaks. Energy provider DTE Gas reported $872,124 in property damage over the same period.

These numbers highlight the importance of working with an attorney from Fieger Law to help you seek compensation for damages or injuries caused by a gas leak explosion.

  • Propane leaks

Propane is a combustible material that can cause an explosion if leaked into an enclosed area. It is typically used in homes as fuel for grills, fireplaces, and other appliances such as furnaces and water heaters. Sometimes, defective propane tanks or related equipment, such as tubes and valves, can lead to propane leaks and explosions.

The Michigan Fire Marshall warned residents in May of 2022 of the dangers of explosions caused by propane. Tips for preventing explosions included checking propane gas tank hoses for leaks using soap and water, never turning on the gas when the container’s lid is closed, and not storing propane tanks in garages or buildings.

  • Faulty home appliances

Home appliances, such as water heaters, central heaters, and generators have many parts that can break down over time, leading to dangerous malfunctions. For instance, high temperatures and pressure in a water heater can cause explosions due to a defective valve if not maintained.

When you partner with Fieger Law, our lawyers work with you to find out the cause of your home explosion. We also work with safety experts who apply their knowledge of standards and industry practices in investigating the cause of the accident and the source of the leak to hold the responsible party accountable.

Liability for a Home Explosion

Multiple parties can be liable for a home explosion, from technicians to manufacturers. Depending on the type of negligence involved, you may file a gas explosion suit against them for property damage or personal injuries.

  • Negligence

If a general contractor, utility worker, or repairman fails to exercise proper care when installing or working on a gas-powered appliance in your home, you can file for damages against them or their employer.

Similarly, if your landlord knew there was a gas leak on the property but failed to address the hazardous situation, you may be able to hold them responsible for the damage. Under Michigan premises liability law, landlords must maintain safe premises for visitors and those living on the property. When they fail to address dangerous conditions, they can be held liable.

To obtain compensation, your lawyer must prove negligence by showing that the repair technician or landlord’s careless actions, such as failing to properly maintain a water heater valve, contributed to your injuries.

  • Product Liability

A product manufacturer must ensure its products don’t have any defects that could harm consumers. Manufacturers must also warn consumers about potential injuries or death when they know their products can be dangerous.

Product liability requires proving the manufacturer was negligent in designing or manufacturing a product. For instance, if a propane tank is sold with cracks, loose tubing, or other damage that can cause it to explode, it is usually because of a manufacturing defect.

Our experienced lawyers at Fieger Law represent clients throughout the country and can determine if negligent behavior caused the explosion. Our legal team can investigate these parties’ liability by reviewing invoices related to your appliances’ manufacture, installation, and maintenance.

We can then guide you through the legal process of filing your lawsuit against the parties responsible for your injuries.

Work with the Gas Explosion Attorneys at Fieger Law

Home explosions can have multiple causes, with many parties responsible for their occurrence. Fieger Law can help you determine what happened, who is liable, and your legal options after the accident. We have decades of experience assisting clients and winning settlements after home explosions have changed their lives.

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