Michigan's No-Fault & PIP Insurance Laws

Understanding Personal Injury Protection in Michigan

In Michigan, victims of car accidents have access to No-Fault Benefits—also called Personal Injury Protection (PIP)—which are insurance benefits paid to provide for:

  • Medical care
  • Lost wages
  • "Replacement services" (for those who have lost the ability to do simple household tasks)
  • Other expenses related to your medical recovery

These are called “no-fault” cases because who caused the accident does not affect your ability to receive the benefits. Your own insurance will provide financial support.

Or they should. However, filing for a no-fault claim leaves you vulnerable to your insurance company’s policies—if you don’t provide the right documents or forms, or you miss a step of the process, you may end up getting less than you need to recover.

What Does No-Fault Insurance Mean in Michigan?

Michigan is a “No-Fault” state. This means that each party involved in the car accident is able to benefit from compensation from their insurance policy. This type of insurance can complicate a car accident case. As a victim of a car accident, you may have the right to “no-fault benefits,” regardless of the cause of the accident.

How will no-fault insurance impact my car accident case?

Each state that is considered “no-fault” has threshold minimums for when you can bring a suit for a car accident case. In Michigan, accidents with minimal injury are not eligible for a viable lawsuit and will be dismissed. Accidents with serious impairment can result in recovery for non-economic damages.

Fieger Law Can Maximize Your Compensation

An adjuster’s job is to provide you with as little money as possible to close your claim—our job is to get you every dollar you need to recover from your accident with peace of mind. Fieger Law has been working with (and going to court against) insurance companies since our firm was founded in 1950. We know their tactics, their policies, and their methods for limiting their payouts.

They have lawyers, investigators, and analysts on their side—shouldn’t you have your own team?

While you worry about recovery, our Michigan no-fault insurance attorneys can calculate the money required to pay for your short and long-term care. We can file your claim with your insurance company, so they’ll know that you have serious firepower behind your request. Contact Fieger Law today.

Why Choose Michigan’s Most Successful Car Accident Lawyers?

For decades, our firm has stood up for the rights of the injured. We have secured some of the largest verdicts in the nation, and we’ve obtained more million-dollar verdicts and settlements than any U.S. law firm. In short, our firm is built on winning. We have the resources and passion to demand what you need from your insurance company—and fight for you if we need to.

Get a free consultation on your case—call 1-800-A-WINNER or contact us with a simple online form. We look forward to helping you get the money you need.

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