How Much Are Spinal Cord Injury Claims Worth?

Approximately 17,810 people injure their spinal cords every year. Two leading causes of spinal cord injury, car crashes and falls, may entitle you to compensation if they were caused by another’s negligence. Spinal cord damage leads to permanent disability, emotional distress, and a loss of […]

Legal Options After Getting Injured in a Store

Home goods stores, grocery stores, and other retailers have a duty of care to their customers and staff. A violation of that duty can result in an accident that leaves you injured or out of work. Stores that don’t clean up spills or protect visitors […]

Is My Landlord Liable for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a Furnace?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer that comes from any motor burning gas fuel. Exposure to this gas can lead to serious injuries and death. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills at least 430 people every year and injures over 50,000 people who visit their emergency […]

When Can You Sue Your Landlord in a Premises Liability Claim?

The details of your rental contract and Michigan state laws could determine if you’re able to file a successful premises liability claim. If you have been injured or suffered losses because of the negligence of your landlord, then it may be time for you to […]

Who Should You Sue After a Slip and Fall?

Many people in the United States are injured in slip and fall accidents every year. A head injury or broken bone happens in one in every five falls. In 2019, approximately 244,000 workers were injured by falls and needed time off from work, and 880 […]

Types Of Injuries Stemming From Slip And Falls

While many slip and falls are looked at as not serious (some bruising and soreness), there are some situations in which the injured party suffers damage that can be considered catastrophic. Two of these injuries in particular typically have life-altering effects on the victim. If […]

Slip And Falls In The Workplace

In any kind of workplace, the idea of suffering serious harm is not something that comes to mind often. However, it is something that can happen and there are certain occupations at a higher risk of suffering harm than others. For all workers, you must […]

Where Do Slip And Fall Accidents Occur?

Slip and falls are some of the most serious accidents that can occur and are often the cause of many catastrophic injuries. It’s important for individuals to recognize some of the areas where these types of accidents occur most. It can keep you safe and […]

What Must Be Proven To Show Premises Liability?

While many look at premises liability cases as complex, there are specific factors that must be shown to hold the negligent property owner accountable. These matters can come down to three simple aspects of liability and you should know exactly what they are. Before you […]

Can Insufficient Security Be Considered Premises Liability?

When most people think of premises liability lawsuits, they’re quick to think of the most common situations such as slip or trip and falls. There are other circumstances involved, though, such as the potential for insufficient security on a property. Because acts of violence can […]